Monday, June 25, 2007

Posts in Handbook

I posted so far 4 articles in the handbook. Many of my colleagues agreed to prepare articles for the handbook in their areas. I collected a variety of answers to the what is industrial engineeriing from various sites and posted them in two parts in the handbook. Many of them have mentioned the special importance of human dimension for industrial engineering. I strongly believe defining the design of effort, working conditions, standard time required and standard pay for each and every person employed in a work system (from the chairman of the organization to the lowest level person) must be the core function of industrial engineering. The extent to which then can do this job (percentage of jobs for which they can prescribe standard operating procedures) reflects the advancement of industrial engineering subject's development. All other functions have to be over and above this basic function of the department. Such a focus will give a strong purpose to the department and a reason to have IE department is each every organization. This can even be made a statutory requirement.

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