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Industrial Engineering (Human Effort Engineering) – Sixth Term

Industrial Engineering (Human Effort Engineering) – Sixth Term
In sixth term all compulsory courses deal with managerial tasks of industrial engineers.

Sixth Term Subjects

Productivity and Quality Management
Project Management
Occupation Health and Safety Management
Elective 4:
Elective 5:
Elective 6:

Productivity and Quality Management

Productivity is the one of the important objectives of Industrial Engineering. In my paper I argued that productivity is a multi-dimensional concept and quality is included in it. But because quality management is a highly developed subject, in the subject title it was specially included. Management of productivity and quality that results from the man-machine system is the responsibility of IE department. Routine inspection is a responsibility of production system operation and management department. But if quality levels go down, industrial engineers have to take up responsibility. Productivity and incentives have a linkage. Job evaluation and wage incentives are to be discussed in this subject.

Project Management

Industrial engineers have to manage IE studies and work system design projects. Many times, IE department along with production engineering department have to take up the responsibility of installing the production system. Hence project management becomes an important functional management area to be learned by IE students.

Occupation Health and Safety Management

Along with productivity, comfort, safety and health of operators are important objectives of industrial engineering. The managerial dimensions of these objectives are to be explored in this subject.

List of Electives – A Quick Attempt (Visitors Please suggest more)

Elective Groups

Human Sciences Group
Decision Sciences Group
Industrial Engineering Group
Technology Group
Business Management Group

Subjects in Various Groups

Human Sciences Group

Industrial Psychology
Industrial Sociology
Physiology of Work
Occupational Pathology
Human Behaviour at Work

Decision Sciences Group

Industrial Statistics
Advanced Mathematics
Operations Research
Business Economics
Managerial Economics

Industrial Engineering Group

Research Methods in Industrial Engineering
Project Management for Work System Installation
Simulation for Industrial Engineering
Job Evaluation and Wage Incentives
Industrial Engineering in Agriculture
Industrial Engineering in Heavy Engineering Industry
Industrial Engineering in Software Factories
Human-Computer Interface
Knowledge Work Industrial Engineering

Technology Group

Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Air Conditioning and Climate Control
Environmental Engineering

Business Management Group

Production Management
Production Planning and Control
Marketing Management
Marketing Research
Financial Management
Project Finance
Advanced Project Management
Materials Management
Procurement Management
Supply Chain Management
Human Resource Management
Organization Behaviour
Value Engineering
Engineering and Technology Management
Strategic Management
Cost Accounting
Financial Accounting

For some of the elective subjects proposed, the subject content needs to be specified by me. I shall do it in subsequent posts. In due course, I also propose to develop a list of books, research papers, Phd and MS thesis, and magazine articles which can be used in developing the course content for the courses proposed afresh by me. I now proposed a handbook of industrial engineering ( I shall post all these bibliographies in the handbook. Please see the post for proposed section/chapter scheme of the handbook. Articles for various chapters are invited from you.

The last term in the curriculum of NITIE is 16 week duration project.

All visitors of the blog are requested to post their comments on any issue raised in this curriculum proposal. Comments can be sent by mail (, if you do not have google account to post comments directly.

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