Thursday, April 7, 2011

NITIE - Industrial Engineering Concepts - Question Paper 2010 Exam - Comments

PGDIE 40 – First Quarter End Examination
OP-03 Industrial Engineering Concepts

Date 13.9.2010 Max. Marks: 60

Answer any TEN questions
All questions carry equal marks

1. Efficiency is an important performance dimension of management. Industrial engineering focuses on this dimension. Explain how IE definitions emphasize efficiency of systems.

Appropriate IE definitions were not written

2. Explain the concept of Human Effort Engineering.

3. Explain the contribution of Taylor and Gilbreth to development of industrial engineering.

Taylor: Time Study, Scientific Management, Wage Incentive systems

Gilbreth: Motion study, Therbligs, Fatigue studies, Chronocycle graph

But not PMTS, OR, Engineering economics

4. Explain the principles of motion economy related to the use of human body.

5. Explain the measurement of performance or speed rating in time study.

Definition, Accepted standards for speed

6. What is the role of ergonomics in IE’s work? State some laws or principles of ergonomics and explain how do you use them in human effort design.

What is ergonomics? Needs explation.

7. What is a PMTS? Explain MTM system of PMTS

8. Explain the concept of methods efficiency engineering. What is the role questioning and discussion in methods improvement?

Role of questioning and discussion not properly explained.

9. What are the 13 value analysis techniques? Explain any three of them briefly.

10. What is the IE toolkit? Identify the subjects that provide the foundation for these techniques.

Foundation subjects not identified

11. What is definition of Industrial Engineering according to IIE? What is the importance of mathematical methods in industrial engineering practice? Explain with examples.

Mathematical optimization, Proper Statistical decision making, OR Models

12. Engineering economics demands profit sense from engineers. Explain. What can be the special role of IEs in the practice of this subject in companies?

Engneering economic analysis is to be done by the concerned engineering department. IE depart can do engineering economic appraisal.

13. Gives the steps in systems engineering process. Where is the role for IE in system design process? How does he contribute?

Human effort engineering, system efficiency engineering and managerial responsibilites

14. IEs have to participate in installation process of the methods and improvements suggested by them. What are the guidelines for IEs for successful installation of improved methods?