Tuesday, June 19, 2007

IE Books - Scientific Management since Taylor

A Mental Revolution - Scientific Management since Taylor - Edited by Daniel Nelson

An interesting book that will shed light on the development of scientific management and industrial engineering in post Taylor period is available as an online version from ohiopress website.

The id for access is http://www.ohiostatepress.org/. Go into the books section, click on open access and from the list of books shown click on this books name to get access to the chapters of the book.

The chapters are

Frontmatter and Introduction

1 Scientific Management in Retrospect
Daniel Nelson
2 Richard A. Feiss, Mary Barnett Gilson, and Scientific Management at Joseph & Feiss, 1909–1925
David J. Goldberg
3 Frank and Lillian Gilbreth and the Motion Study Controversy, 1907–1930
Brian Price
4 Scientific Management and the Transformation of University Business Education
Daniel Nelson
5 Mary Van Kleeck and Scientific Management
Guy Alchon
6 Organized Production and Unorganized Labor: Management Strategy and Labor Activism at the link-Belt Company, 1900–1940
Kathy Burgess
7 The Diffusion of Scientific Management: The Bedaux Company in America and Britain, 1926–1945
Steven Kreis
8 Scientific Management and Industrial Engineering at Du Pont
John C. Rumm
9 Peter Drucker, MBO, and the Corporatist Critique of Scientific Management
Stephen P. Waring

Epilogue and Notes on Contributors

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