Thursday, August 16, 2007

Management and Productivity Enhancement: New Approaches

Productity Management has to be a compulsory subject for IE program. IEs have to learn management through this subject as well as subjects like managing IE department, studies, IE projects.

A symposium with the above title was held APO in 1997.

Symposium came out the conclusion that productivity had acuired a new and broad meaning.In a paper titled "The Contemporary Meaning of Productivity', R.C. Monga mentioned that Productivity had evolved into a multidimensional and integrative concept.

I used the term productivity in my definition of IE as a multidimensional concept.

The definition for productivity suggested the symposium

Productivity can defined as the creation and delivery of products and services with minimum utilization of all resources - both human and material - aimed at achieving higher customer satisfaction, improving the quality of human life, and avoiding environmental damage. It is realized primarily through the human effort within a given socio-cultural setting.

Notice ther words "human effort." In my definition of IE, IE is human effort engineering.

Source: Management and Productivity Enhancement: New Approaches, APO, Tokyo, 1997

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