Thursday, July 26, 2007

Research Opportunities in Industrial Engineering

The Ph.D. in IE program prepares students for careers in consulting, industry research, and academia. It provides an opportunity to explore challenging research problems and make a research contribution to the field of industrial engineering. Students learn how to write proposals, plan and conduct research, write research papers, and make technical presentations.

The primary focus of the program is on the research process. Students must successfully complete and defend a dissertation that describes the significance, methods, and results of their reserach investigations.

Students must demonstrate knowledge of industrial engineering principles at an advanced level and an ability to conduct sound independent research. Each student must pass three examinations.

Qualifying Exam
A combination of course work and a research paper
Preliminary Exam
Oral examination on the dissertation proposal
Final Exam
Oral examination on the completed dissertation
Course work
A total of 21 credits (typically 7 courses) at the graduate level are required beyond the M.S. degree.

More details on the Ph.D. program can be found in the IMSE Graduate Handbook.

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